Vacancy Insurance


Most standard homeowners' insurance policies do not cover vacant properties in spite of the fact that vacant homes and buildings have become a reality throughout all neighborhoods.

Atlantic vacant property insurance experts help you better understand and prepare coverage for theft, vandalism and malicious issues that impact vacant property.

Atlantic experts work with you to provide same-day quotes across a range of options and to issue vacant home insurance policies within 24 hours.We specialize in delivering solutions for common vacancy claims such as:

  • Vandalism - Unoccupied properties are easy targets for vandals so protect yourself by ensuring you have coverage for vandalism and malicious mischief.
  • Theft - Many policies exclude theft, so make certain that you get this coverage even if your home is empty. Why? Thieves can remove copper piping and air conditioning units in order to resell it for profit.
  • Premises Liability - You face a risk of a liability claim occurring from intruders on the land surrounding the vacant property, including around the property line.
  • Renovations - If your home is undergoing an extensive renovation, you should make sure that you have coverage for both property and liability while the project is underway.

Your unoccupied property needs to be insured, so don't delay. Contact one of our experts at Atlantic Agency 631-615-8539.

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