Certificate Requests


IMPORTANT: Please Read the Following...

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We know that Certificates are a VERY IMPORTANT part of your insurance program and we recognize that you may need your certificates quickly. So we have put together a few items below that must be followed in order for a certificate to be issued promptly and accurately. Please see below:

1. The Request Forms MUST BE FILLED OUT COMPLETELY or you will NOT BE able to receive a Certificate and/or Certificate with Additional Insured's!
2. Be sure to send us your request at least 48 hours prior to your deadline.
3. Please be sure your account is not pending cancellation! Your policy MUST be in good standing in order for a certificate to be issued!
4. Please provide your full name and your full business name. ~~ Please remember that we can not change, alter, amend or add coverage to your policy, simply by issuing a certificate of insurance. In doing so, is a grave violation of the state insurance law.~

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A Certificate Only means that you need a certificate showing that you have a current insurance policy




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A Certificate with Additional Insured's means that you must provide a certificate naming someone as an Additional Insured on your policy. (Ex: A Condo management company, the person you are doing the job for, etc.)

**This request may incur additional costs**


** PLEASE NOTE: NO ADDITIONAL INSURED CERTIFICATE will be issued after the job is complete. It MUST be requested BEFORE the job starts!**